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Pilates Inspiration

By Marie-José Blom

Marie-Jose Blom, Master teacher and presenter, Founder and Director of Long Beach Dance Conditioning and Creator of the SmartSpine Wellness System. With well over 20 years of expertise, Marie-Jose is a true teacher for the teachers who will not only get your back, but also your business back on track.

Access the Inner Works of Wellness

SmartSpine™ is a work of love, a staple of my work. My motto is, “Making movement easy while putting ease into daily movement.” This is the fundamental principle of my teaching in therapeutic movement and Pilates for well over two decades. The SmartSpine™ system and approach evolved from the inspiration fueled by my daily work and interaction with clients and students, as well as my fascination with the optimal biomechanics of the spine and pelvis. Working with a variety of different bodies requires a unique approach for each individual. However, my method is grounded in one common goal: creating ease of movement in a healthier body. The creative search for the right teaching tool to facilitate optimal movement learning, as well as mobility of the spine and its related structures, resulted in the creation of this unique and practical teaching aid and treatment tool.

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Created by world-renowned master teacher Marie-José Blom, the SmartSpine™ System consists of several support pieces that are designed to help the body find its most productive positioning and placement during Pilates or Yoga exercise, basic movement, and therapy. All components can be warmed in the microwave to help rebalance muscles and improve movement, joint placement, and spatial awareness. The SmartSpine© is not just for Pilates; these tools can also heighten the movement experience in Yoga, Feldenkrais, and all other body-mind practices.

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