SmartSpine Arch Tubbies, 2-pck

The Arch Tubbies are two small grain-filled globes designed with multiple functions in mind:

-Building mobility alignment and strength in the feet
-Facilitating awareness, mobility, and release in the spine
-Enhancing mobility and release of the sacral area, especially in combination with the SmartGlobe for specific pelvic and breath work.

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The SmartSpine™ Arch Tubbies are also designed with multiple functions in mind for the spine, feet, and shoulder girdle.

For the feet, they improve strength and mobility. A protocol using Arch Tubbies contributes to the optimal health and support of the arches of the foot. This product helps in restoring function and proprioception awareness (when used warm), relating the foot to the entire body.

For the spine, the Arch Tubbies improve awareness, mobility, and support while offering localized release of the spine, the sacral area, mid-back, and shoulder girdle.

Special feature: The design of the Arch Tubbies lends itself to treating specific scar tissue release often needed post-surgery or after radiation treatment.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 5 x 4 in



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