The Original SmartSpine© is a double-padded track that gently guides the vertebrae into better alignment. The track follows the contours of the spine and provides gentle, even acupressure.
Your own body weight determines the pressure while rebalancing overactive muscles. The spine is passively introduced to the feeling of length and optimal alignment, which transfers to all upright positions.

Reconnection to body, mind and movement awareness through a healthier spine and increased proprioception

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As the body centers around the spine, let the spine “center” the body.

The Original SmartSpine© allows the alignment of your back to reorganize and elongate while tension and compensatory holding patterns melt away.

The tool’s shape and length cradles and guides the full length of the spine while the strong end-loops allow for gentle added traction.  Position and body weight provide a light acupressure effect while warmth makes for the ultimate mini Spine Spa: a jump-start to a healthier back.



-As a full length guiding track for spinal alignment and segmental mobility.

-As a tool for local release of tight hip flexor, and activation of the deep abdominals and deep back muscles (Core Awakenings).

-As a tool for neuromyofascial release for massage therapists, body workers, or physical therapists.

-As a teaching aid for pre- and post partum-exercises to help the client find the back body and prevent back pain.

-As a teaching aid for all therapeutic and basic movement approaches as well as Pilates, Yoga, and Physical Therapy.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 6 x 4 in



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