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Located in central Phoenix, Kinesphere Center for Movement Education is a studio devoted to the development of a health and movement consciousness in our community. At KCME, we try to foster a desire for knowledge and a love of movement in every individual. We offer a variety of movement modalities in both private and group settings, which allows us to incorporate and develop a whole body awareness for our clients. Our instructors are trained in many different techniques such as Pilates, GYROTONIC®method, Restorative ExerciseTM, SmartSpineTM, NeuroKinetic TherapyTM, and more. By promoting the exploration of physical boundaries in a conscious manner, we can help bring our clients an awareness of the body, mind, and spirit and assist them on their path to better health.

Lisa’s inclination for movement and body mechanics began as a child. Always curious about the body and testing its physical limitations, she could almost always be found climbing to the top of large trees, figure skating, or dancing. All of these led her to an in-depth study of anatomy, kinesiology, and biomechanics. Her thirst for a deeper conception of movement brought her to study dance in college earning a BFA in Dance Education from Arizona State University in 2001. During her time in college she was introduced to kinesiology, Ideokinesis, Pilates and GYROTONIC® exercise. All of which enriched her understanding of the inner workings of the human body. She earned her Pilates Certificate from Long Beach Dance Conditioning (LBDC) in 2003. Continuing to find an even deeper understanding of biomechanics, Lisa has studied extensively under the mentorship of Marie-Jose’ Blom and was a member of the inaugural SmartSpine Training Workshop. Working primarily with those experiencing chronic pain, the SmartSpine© System has become a vital piece in Lisa’s instruction. The tactile aid, support, and warmth of the SmartSpine props all contribute to the calming of the client’s body and mind, so that new healthy movement patterns can be introduced and strengthened.

Lisa is excited to be a trainer for The SmartSpine Academy. She also holds certifications for GYROTONIC® Expansion System, Restorative Exercise, and Pilates Method Alliance.

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