SmartSpine™ Functions and Objectives

SmartSpine™ and the “Inside Job Of Fitness”

Grounded in recent research in the field of fascia, the SmartSpine™ system uses the fascial properties (thermo reception, proprioception, and interoception) as an effective delivery system to create improved movement potential.

The skill specific introduction of the somatic SmartSpine™ technique offers the therapist/movement educator practical tools to instruct and teach the patient/client: tools that allow the practitioner to be intuitive and effective while introducing the “feeling” of the movement to the individual vs. teaching the isolated exercise or skill. This unique approach imparts a lasting impression that the patient/client takes home, which further motivates him/her to practice and integrate the movement into normal daily functions.

For the practitioner, the SmartSpine™ tools become a third hand. While improving efficiency, they also encourage a “whole body” approach instead of compartmentalization. The SmartSpine™ system aids in restoring mobility and encourages embodiment through “learning to connect” using all of the senses.

The SmartSpine™ system has now been embraced by the world of manual therapy and fascial work and has been used successfully with integrated manual therapies. The deeper effect and noticeable faster results are related to the application of warmth during the treatment.

All products are designed to be warm in use during the movement to deepen the effect of the treatment. SmartSpine™ products can be heated easily in the microwave, or cooled for a form-fit post workout cold wrap covering the full length of the spine.

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