Product Information


General Product Information

The SmartSpine™ is a green product made of 100% organic grade hemp.  It is designed to emphasize the optimal well being of the client through a healthy, mobile and flexible spine.

The selected filling of the two cells consists of 100% natural, food-grade ingredients.  The infusion of organic French Lavender enhances focus and relaxation and the “aromatherapy” properties increase as the SmartSpine™ is briefly warmed in a microwave.

All SmartSpine™ products are manufactured in Los Angeles and support our local economy.  They are also available without Lavender for those who prefer no fragrance.


SmartSpine™ Features

Sensing the potential “length” of the spine

The SmartSpine™ is designed with a strong handle on each end.  The handles provide for an option to assist in lengthening the spine in either the direction of the pelvis or the direction of the head.  The gentle traction may be provided before the movement instruction or may assist during the movement instruction.  The handles also function as an aid for skill specific movement guidance.  Such as:  pulling out and up during an abdominal curl (upper spine); and, pulling out during a pelvic curl (lower spine).

The client will be introduced to sense their optimal length potential of the spine;  this feeling will be registered via the proprioception quality of the fascial structure.  This new information will be stored in the postural memory bank.

NoteAppropriate alignment support is essential for each exercise depending on the individual client’s proficiency.

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